need prayer?

Life can be tough, things can happen, hearts can get broken... no matter what you may be facing today, we want you to know that we value the opportunity to pray for you. Below is a link where you can submit your prayer requests and we will take the time to pray for whatever your needs may be. Rest assured that they will not be posted publicly and will be prayed for within our prayer team.

"Dear Lord and Heavenly Father. We pray for whoever is reading this, that every ounce of fear, anxiety and discouragement will be taken away. May God comfort you with His love and refill your heart with His peace.  We pray for any situation that you may be in or to come, that you always seek God for strength and understanding.  We pray for blessings and favor over your life. May God bless you in on your endeavors in seeking your calling in His will.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen!"